How Thappad confused me

Updated: Jan 21

The movie has a very complex subject and movie lovers would take time to understand the message that the director wanted to show. Talking about such subject would take a lot of time. But I would like to talk about the core theme of the film.

The core theme to my understanding is respecting women choices. Some people are surprised or have not understood the theme that the director has depicted.

अगर वह उसे सिर्फ एक थप्पड़ के लिए छोड़ दिया, तो हमारी महिलाएं हमें बहुत पहले छोड़ दिए होते। Translation: If she left him for just one slap, our women would have left us long ago

The above expression is something I have heard from many people after coming out of theatre. The sad thing is even some women are saying the similar thing. Every person I have said were even praising the film for it’s content. I was a bit confused. I was thinking whether the director was wrong or the people who saw the film were.

Though the movie has a nice message about women choices but in reality I think it is more about their mental enslavement than physical or legal way.

Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan who is considered as one of the brightest minds in India has said,

Tradition, Folklore, Mythology etc have enslaved women in a manner that they welcome enslavement. For instance take Pativratha concept. It tells how a wife should give her husband the highest priority even if he is a stupid person.

One must understand the distinction between the choices and tradition or culture. Tradition or culture impose a way of thinking and a way of doing such practices on the people. There is no real choice in there. It’s the expectation of doing something from people and deviation from such expected path which is deemed to be wrong.

This is the system working in our society. Every woman is a victim of this system. Even the director has shown this through the characters. The message given on women power is somewhat deceitful when it comes to reality. Because that’s not how the system works. So, let’s hope the message given in the movie becomes reality someday.


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