Modi government's change of message to the world today

Updated: Jan 21

On 13 March, Modi government took three steps in one day. First, Amit shah backing down on NPR by saying no one would be marked “doubtful”.Although it contradicts the 2003 rules. You can read about it in detail in an article written by National Herald web desk (Click here for the article). Second, Prime minister has tweeted about the co-ordination of South Asian nations for fighting the dreaded Corona virus. Third, Farooq Abdullah who was charged under PSA Act has been unexpectedly released yesterday.

What is the message that the Modi government wants the world today to notice through these three steps.

The First step: 

As we all know the CAA, NRC, NPR problems has reached international headlines. The new entry into international media recently is deadly Delhi riots. Because of Delhi riots India’s image and Modi’s image in oversees has took a bite. Many countries especially Islamic nations (Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan etc) have expressed a hostile opinion on this issue. Pressure is mounting upon UAE and Saudi Arabia. They are becoming uncomfortable now after Delhi riots. Also, the global liberal community is angry with this decision. As we know there are elections in US in November and the chances of Trump’s return to the Presidents seat is somewhat sliding down due to his handling of coronavirus in US. And also, Joe Biden’s strong return in Democrats. Democrats are Liberals. If they come into power Modi government can be in big trouble. Because of such international situations, Modi govt has thought to back off a little as they have realised that they have gone too far away than what they have intended to. Today, Amit Shah comes out and speaks in parliament that there is no plan for NRC as yet. His statement may be contradicting his earlier statements where he has expressed a chronology thing, but I think he knows what he is speaking.

The Second step:

India wants to get back to it’s old image which it had till Abrogation of Article 370. It needs it’s neighbours co-operation to tackle the Kashmir issue especially Pakistan as it needs to settle things and make a deal with it. You may ask me is modi willing to do it. I do certainly think he is thinking about it. As this relation may also help India in future in situations like Afghanistan issue.

The Third step:

We all know what happened after abrogation of Article 370, total lockdown of Jammu and Kashmir, telephone and internet ban, detention of many people etc. There are two things on which International intellectuals, leaders have questioned the Indian government and our government is becoming uncomfortable in answering them. They are telephone and internet ban and detention of prominent people. Although the telephone ban has been lifted by allowing landline, mobile for calling. Internet ban has been lifted by allowing them to some websites with 2G speed. But the government is continuously being questioned on detention of Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah and Mahmubhah Mufti. Answering them was becoming harder day by day. As international attention on them has increased now as they were ex-chief ministers of J&K. Modi government had to change it’s strategy to answer them. That was to release Farooq Abdullah. As you can’t detain them on unjustified reasons for a long time. Farooq Abdullah was the one who spoke about India greatly in UN when India’s image was at the bottom in it’s history in international community in 1994. It had no friends then. Modi government has sensed that similar situation could arise if they didn’t back off on these three things. Readers may have a doubt on why only Farooq Abdullah. Because he is a patrotic man. He would never speak against his own country in this situation especially when India’s image is declining. As expected he has done that by saying he will not comment on political situation of J&K now. So at last I would like to quote Shekhar Gupta’s(a prominent and intellectual journalist) lines:

Nothing happens in politics especially in Modi-Shah politics unless it is intended to be so


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